H&G 1st Bday: PROM NIGHT

Its hard to believe it was only a year ago little auld Hunt & Gather threw one of the first of many gatherings. We firmly believe in celebrating in full debutante style. We would like to formally ask you out to our very own PROM NIGHT…. Men, don your most ill fitted rented tux. Ladies, … Continue reading

All Fur No Knickers: Totem

Back in force to grab you sumptuous creatures by the balls is our favorite nighttime frolic – All Fur no Knickers! After 2 sell out events in underground locations we invite you to an evening of soul searching and spirit revelations, awash with deplorable delights. This soirée will be dedicated to the idea of Totemism….yes … Continue reading

Nuit Blanche: Supernatural

Supernatural is attributed to phenomena above the natural, and to all things strange without reason. There is something a bit spooky about Good Friday a day when the country stands still, a time when souls come out of the woodwork to play. A most perfect time for a supernatural reckoning. On this Good Friday April … Continue reading

Dinner De Los Muertos

Gruel Guerilla and Hunt & Gather Present Dinner De los Muertos Day of the Dead also called “Dia de los Muertos,” is a celebration of life and of those who have passed. Although this celebration is associated with the dead, it is not portrayed as a morbid or depressing time, but rather a period full … Continue reading

Nuit Blanche Neon

Nuit Blanche: Neon We had the pleasure to unleash an evening of magic and creativity to many an unsupecting crowd. And what an evening it was, with over 700 people in attendance we offered the the very best in music, entertainment, art installations, night time market, video projections, life drawing and more. Please keep you … Continue reading

Nuit Blanche: Neon

Hunt & Gather strives to provide new sensory experiences questioning the traditional gallery and performance space for Dubliners and visitors alike. A celebration of community by the creative, ambitious and brave. Due to the overwhelming response from our first Nuit Blanche: Night time gathering. We are very excited to host our second gathering on the … Continue reading

Ashley Lloyd – Head dress princess

While accessories traditionally exist to enhance or inform a look, Ms. Lloyd’s headdresses take center stage. At first glance, milliner Ashley Lloyd’s pieces elicit thoughts of curiosity and wonder, but taking a closer look, it’s only fitting Ms. Lloyd’s attention to detail has brought her to where she is today. From start to finish, Ashley … Continue reading